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3 - 20 Nov

Gallows Gallery 

53 Glyde St


(08) 9286 4730

HARVEST - to gather in, reap, collect. The process of gathering in a crop.

The mental soil is an immensely fertile ground, our thoughts seeds of potential power. Their yield or outcome is not easily predictable, they often may not sprout or grow immediately. Some are bedded in attentive consideration and others some what haphazardly cast, laying farrow, and long forgotten for many years. And what of the weed seed, friend or foe, does it offer protection for the bare ground where nought else will grow or does it suffocate, too rampant and rank in its growth for other seeds to take hold? It will take patience and time to cultivate our possibilities and harvest the fullness of our being. A life time and some, sowing reaping, sowing reaping…No harvest comes in the moment the seed is planted. 


This collection of works embodies, through lori’s signature ‘language of flowers’ the cultivation of seeds bedded down in her childhood  and ripened over her life time to date.   ‘‘Harvest’ is symbolic of bounty, health and abundance. It quietly celebrates the sturdy hands of family, steadfast and dependable in their tending and it honours the deft touch of friends that enrich my fertility with light and warmth. It is a community harvest of inner values, the seeds of strengths, my internal ripening’. LP

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