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the day i chased a rainbow

23 Sept  - 9 Oct

The Studio Gallery

7 Marrinup Drive


08 9756 6371



‘The day I chased a rainbow’ is a true story. It tells of the earnestness and determination of my younger self running for miles across the wheatbelt landscape lured by the enchantment of a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. I found many things along the way  and I became many things along the way as the rhythm of my barefoot trot carried me deeper into the wonderland of my imagination’. LP 


Lori’s memory is remodelled here in a retrospective storybook exploring the growth mindset of her early childhood years where identity was an endless exploration and ‘anything a possibility’. The lines between reality and imaginary softened as Lori rendered herself to the call of the natural world with a childlike belonging. The paintings are set in mono tones reflective of a yesteryear timeline with the flora & fauna impressions overlaying the portraits in full colour  to illuminate her relationship with them. Distinctive to Lori’s creative language the botanical elements are painted metaphors aiding in expressing human virtues, they form the life blood of Lori’s relationship with the Australian landscape and to her exploration of nature culture.

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