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artist statement -  The bush heartland wields a kind of magic, an ancient beat and breath beyond the naming of her botanical beauty. We can call her and her forms by name but it isn’t necessarily what she answers to. Her spiritual queues are more subtle almost invisible in our modern world discern.

There is a constant push and pull between transparency and opacity in the landscape, where the physical making of us facilitates the metaphysical marking and the in between things give way to the fullness. If we unfurl to it that is.

Some days when I walk through the bush on our farm I am drawn backwards, enchanted and completely lost in the story book of my mind. Memory ribbons fluttering haplessly with no order forming bewildering spectrums of illumination into my shaping.  At other times I am present to the living moment, and my senses acute and collected in admiration and wonderment at the physical form I witness.

The Wanderland exhibition is a collection of this ‘ in between and fullness’ we experience when we tender ourselves to the natural world.  The paintings offer insights into experiences of immersion, of sanctity and intimacy that transcends ourselves into that place of lightness within.

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