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floribunda - many flowers

5 August - 4 Sept

Lost Eden Creative

58 McLarty Street




artist statement -

These works were inspired by a recent trip to Melbourne to see my daughter for the first time post pandemic. The blue lechenaultia in my language of flowers is symbolic for togetherness, oneness. Finding happiness in seeing the enjoyment of others. It also inspires generosity to share on many levels what we have with others. The colour blue offers freedom, imagination, inspiration and sensitivity.

Blue Leschenaultia - forget me not 1# & 2#  are single canvas's that can be hung together to form a larger landscape orientated diptych (see image 4 below for example of diptych).  The blue leschenaultia is endemic to Western Australia, and a standout feature  in our farm wildflower spring bush blooming.  

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