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artist statement -  The Wild flower collection is a floriographic exploration of our individualism through the botanical expression of Australian wild flowers.  It is a celebration of our  unique selfness and the understanding of our defining inner strengths. 


With the norms of our modern world immobilised by a pandemic, more than ever, my landscape became a place of passage and solace.  The yellow saturation of canvas’s prominent in the previous ’Nectar’ & Secret Garden’ exhibitions made way for a kaleidoscope of colour as I turned to the second spring, Kambarang - the season or birth and transformation for expression in these current works.  Like the name sake ‘Wildflower’ this exhibition is bold and delicate, dynamic and quiet, united  in the diverse uniqueness of our Australian flora. 


Characteristic of my work, the botanical totemic gestures express the desire to better evolve our consideration for own distinctive traits, and to further reconnection with self expression and self love.  Importantly to me, I use a language of flowers to bring about a narrative awareness of our impact by means of sharing and interpreting experiences through the mastery of storytelling.  Storytelling is a key component of cultural preservation and without the conservancy of our Australian landscape, we abet in the undoing of both. 

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